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Slider Principal 2017

  • Laboratory of Science, Art and Technology CAT Lab

    CAT Lab (Laboratory of Science, Art and Technology) is an interdisciplinary space of creation and research where artistic production, scientific knowledge and technological development are related. 

  • Academic and Creative Writing Center - CREA

    The writing center aims to meet the needs around the writing, editing and dissemination of the different types of creative, academic and / or specialized texts produced by the ARPA community.

  • ARPA GameLab

    ARPA GameLab is a game and videogame development center where teachers, students and industry professionals participate.

  • La Jauría

    It is a meeting place for the artistic education of young creators and the generation of scenic projects that propose new ideas, forms and ways for the arts according to our time and sensitivity.

  • Curatorial LAB L.U.C.A

    University Laboratory of Curators perform different methodologies and ways in which the curatorial work re-articulates artistic devices and generates knowledge, which reviews and questions the way of exposing the different cultural artifacts.

  • Mojito Lab

    Develops lines of research around the image,  visual narrative,  and  sequential  images,  which  allow to identify  visual  vocabulary around graphic communication and motion.

  • MEDIA Lab

    Is a  space  for  research-creation  that  revolves  around  the  study  of  media,  understood  as extensions of the body, which shape us sensitively, cognitively and socially.


    Organizes cultural events, promotes the creation of different cultural spaces and makes artistic coproduction efforts.