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In the four years since its conception ARPA PRO has set the objective of accomplishing the following goals:

  • Elaborating creative production-creation-gestion proposals 

  • Designing budgets and work schemes 

  • Coordinating multidisciplinary work teams  

  • Analyzing projects viability and to generate work strategies  

  • Generating resources gestion strategies 

  • Producing magazine television program ARPA 16:9  


Currently ARPA PRO is under the coordination of Professor Sandra Luz Guevara Castillo whom until before the health contingency was working at the Centro Universitario de Servicios (CUDS) at this institution where ARPA also has access to video and audio production and postproduction equipment. 

Given the valuable scientific, artistic and technological talent, multidisciplinary work and innovation and adaptation capacity of our professors and students we have the opportunity to offer professional integral services for any stage or process of any cultural or creative project being at the same time a socialization and diffusion media for talent and work within ARPA. 



ARPA Professional Services




Continuous education 

Continuous education programs 

Creative advisory 

Advisory for creation, development, realization, exhibition and commercialization of cultural industries  

Design and creation of digital marketing strategies 

Digital marketing campaigns  

Audiovisual production 

Spots, institutional and corporative videos, cinemaminutes  

Interactive content development 

Apps, videogames, Virtual and Augmented Reality  

Plastic and graphic work production 

Drawing, painting, sculpting graphic and conceptual art